Friday, August 21, 2015

Take Time to Truly Be in the Moment

It's summer. Probably there is a breeze. I'm sure the sun is shining brightly. I am sure the gravel is slick and that it makes a familiar crunch when it is walked upon. I probably say the words good girl, tighten the cinch. Across the street, I'm sure the familiar smell of pine trees drifts across from the dry, over eaten llama farm. But it is just a picture and the exact moment escapes my memory. 
It's funny, isn't it, how everyday memories slip by and things change, oh ever so slowly, until you suddenly realize there is a gully between how things once used to be and how they are now. 

I payed a visit to my old blog, one I had started when I lived up in the mountains well over four years ago. I clicked around and found myself looking at a picture of my horse. A beautiful bay, with a rather short tail due to another one of our animals having chewed it off. I rarely think about that horse, the one I cried so much about selling. I moved on. I had new occupations, new experiences. And slowly, ever so slowly those memories drift away into the past. And there is a cavity. 

What is more, I find that other things have changed. Not that all change is bad. Not that most change is bad. I would have to say that many changes have produced results which are far from bad. But I have been thinking about siblings lately and how things change there. 

My brothers and I did pretty much everything together growing up. When their friends were over, I played with them. And when my friends were over, I would often be joined by one or both of my brothers. Somewhere back in the distance, our van was a space vehicle. We operated high speed pursuits on our bicycles around our small concrete patio. We were dogs and horses. Royalty and homesteaders. My sister and I shared a room for probably ten years. We attended plays, drove together, talked late at night. In due timing, my siblings and I slowly began to drift to other pursuits. Military auxiliary, sports, a wedding, and our own hobbies began to lead us slowly, ever so slowly further away from each other as we each began to pick and choose the direction which we wanted our life to go. I believe this is all good but what I have realized recently is that while one drifts away in their occupations, one can also drifts away in different, more serious ways. 

No. I am not estranged from any of my three siblings. I talk to all of them almost daily, including my sister who lives in Virginia. But I have come to almost take them for granted. Instead of seeking out or just enjoying time with my siblings, other things come in the way- homework, time to self, friends. My point is not that we should all continue living as little children. No. It is good to grow up. To expand your horizons. To make new friends. And yes, even one day to move away and have different experiences from your immediate family. My point is merely that the time we have right now with our families is important. It doesn't mean you spend all of your time invested solely in your family. It simply means that we should make the most of and treasure the moments which we have right now- whether that is a 5 minute chat with your sibling or a long vacation as a family. It means truly investing in every moment which you have contact with those in your life- be it your friends or your family. 

My challenges is to you, take time to truly be in the moment with those who you are with. With school coming up and work on going, there will be a time to say, "I'm sorry. I need to get this done." But in the time which you find that you are or can spend with family or friends, really truly invest in them. Put aside for a while the pile of dishes, the homework, the worries, the next item on your to-do list. All those things can be done when you go to do them. Instead, focus, listen, enjoy, invest.

My awesome siblings, I love you all so much and hope I will better be able to truly invest my time which I spend with you. You guys are incredible and I cannot imagine life without you.