Thursday, November 27, 2014

Three Things - A Thankful Post

I was thinking... A lot of times we tend to go on in life without really looking at things we can be thankful for... we take so much for granted. And I don't want just this day to be the only day when I think of things which I can be thankful. I want to be thankful each day. Every day. Still working on that one though!
But in light of this day being the day that we generally think about things we are thankful for I have a few to share:
1. God who is in control.  God who sent His Only Son.  God that listens. God that cares about whatever is going on in my life. And all of this because in the end, my life would be a wreck- I would have no hope if there was no God. But I think the one I tend to overlook the most, is how thankful I should be that God IS there. God DOES love me. and God does listen.
2. Family. They are there. Always. They fall short, but don't we all? I have parents who have blessed me by being there for me and siblings who have made me laugh countless amounts of time and forgiven me when I have been at my worst. Thank you Dad, for taking the time to watch me run and for building a house for us to live in. Thank you Mama, for always listening, taking time for me, running with me, laughing with me, shopping with me, taking care of me when I am sick, making me food and everything else you have done. Thank you to my older sister- for listening, for chatting, for helping me, for proof-reading my papers, for researching things for me, and most of all for being my sister. Thank you to my older brother for taking a ridiculous amount of time to go down a Green Slope with me because I  couldn't grasp the concept of how to ski after a whole day, for going places with me, for taking me to dinner, and for being an encouraging role model. Thank you to my little brother for the laughs we have shared, for being one of my best friends and the person who played with almost all of my childhood, for filling up chicken waters - thanks for being my little brother.
3. And for a third one: Friends. Thank you to all the friends who have taken the time to talk to me, to meet with me, to chat with me. Thank you for being there - even if sometimes I go extended amounts of time without talking to some of you. You all are incredible and special people.

So guys, as we go onto the next chapter, and perhaps after that, the next and the next, let's try to remember to think about what we can be thankful for - I know it is hard. I fail almost daily at being thankful for what I do HAVE- but thankfulness to God for what He has provided can perhaps open up a door for us to see through and see what He really has done for us - for you, and for me.

P.S. - Yeah. I know. I have been terrible about keeping up but I really hope to get back to blogging soon- and to get back to finishing up a few of the ingredients on my list for a nutritious, post-workout, Protein Shake!